Planning your attack wisely

In life it is important to choose your battles wisely. It’s exactly the same in business. You need to plan your attack wisely for success. You will have competition out there. They may be bigger than you, more established than you, have more customers than you or be cheaper than you. You can’t compete with them all, so you need to plan your attack wisely to achieve success for your business in the industry.

Starting and growing your business can be stressful. You need to focus on your most valuable assets and plan a steady path to success using them.

As a small business owner, you don’t have the time, resources, money or influence to do it all. This means that you need to be careful. It’s important to think carefully about what you want to go after, and you need to set achievable goals in that area.

This is especially the case with your marketing budget. You can’t spend thousands on Google Ads and sponsored ads on social media, while having a presence on all social media platforms, a huge website that is updated daily, newsletter marketing, radio and TV adverts, articles in magazines, press releases and more.

Instead you need to choose one or a few small areas to focus your attention and marketing budget. This will result in each small win making the next win easier. As the small wins add up, they will get bigger. This will give you more money to spread your net with your marketing budget.

Social media marketing is a great way of getting in front of your audience. However, you need to think about where your audience are so you can make sure you are in the right places. Take the time to do your research. You don’t need to be on all the social media platforms. But you do need to be on the right social media platforms, the ones where your target audience are.

SEO is an uphill struggle at first and a lot easier once your business has some weight behind it. Starting your SEO now will help you a lot in the future. Over time your business will gain authority from Google. This will enable you to go after bigger keywords and rank for them more quickly.

Consistent updates are a great way of gaining authority from Google. These updates could be anything that keep your website fresh and up to date. For example, new products or services, new testimonials, a new blog post, videos and similar. Constant updates are better than big updates all at once. If you get 5 testimonials to go on your website in one day, spread them out and post one every few days, instead of all at once.

If you need help planning your attack wisely for your small business, let us know and we can help you break down your plans of attack!

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