Are you a finalist in an awards programme? Tell the world!

Congratulations! You are a Finalist!

We speak to a lot of finalists that are waiting until the awards night to share the exciting news, but why wait? Being chosen as one of the few finalists out of the hundreds and thousands of businesses who may have entered is HUGE!

Then, if (when) you win on the night you can shout that from the rooftops too!

So where and how can you tell the world that your awesome business is a finalist

· Share the exciting news on Facebook. Use the finalist logo and tell everyone how great it feels to be finalists in these awards.

· Why not include the finalist logo into your email footer. This way when you email clients and potential clients they will know they are chatting to a professional and trusted business.

· If you’re a member of a networking group or business directory then tell them that you’re a finalist too. For example, as a Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce member you could put this exciting news in their Connected magazine for free.

· You could put a blog on your website. This will talk about the fact you are a finalist, how it feels to be a finalist and to talk about why you think you have been chosen as a finalist. This will help your audience learn more about you, on a more personal level. (we can help with this!)

· If you send email newsletters out then why not include this in the newsletter? You could pop the finalist’s logo in the base of the newsletter. Alternatively you could pop a little article about the awards in your newsletter?

· Make sure the finalist logo is on your website. A popular place to put it is in the footer of your website with contact details and groups that you a member of. As with the email, this shows a potential client that you are great at what you do.

· If you are attending any business exhibitions then you could have the finalist logo framed and put on your stand. This will be a great talking point for people visiting your stand, and it’s a chance to show off how awesome you are too.

These are just some of the ways you can promote your awesome achievement of becoming a finalist. Of course there are many more, such as hiring out a huge billboard, tattooing the logo on your face or literally shouting it from the roof of your business.

This is a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself and how far your business has come.

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