Is Leafleting a thing of the past?

Well we have to say NO! And during the pandemic leafletting has been part of our most successful marketing campaigns.

Make a physical impact in a digital world

Physical marketing wins the race for attention

No other form of advertising receives the same level of attention as a flyer or letter in hand. Its physical and tangible nature grabs the recipient's attention and raises awareness.

Research by Neuro-Insight revealed that physical mail is 35% more engaging than social media advertising and twice as likely to receive the reader's full attention.

Mail has evolved

Door drops are being rediscovered as a medium that delivers direct results while also amplifying messages and calls to action via digital channels.

6% of mail leads to a direct sale, with 8% prompting recipients to visit an advertiser's website or search online for more information about their products or services.

How Sky re-engaged 33% of customers

Sky is a leading British broadcaster and telecommunications company. Its Winback team responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing its direct mail spend and saw a 33% jump in ex-customers returning, giving the campaign a 6:1 return on investment.

Mail is here to stay

The pandemic severely disrupted working patterns. Now we're looking at a post-COVID economy, hybrid working is likely to be more common.

As a result, consumers are looking at the post for longer, with daily attention devoted to mail rising 4% during the week, to nearly 14 minutes.

Are you interested in a leafleting campaign? We can help you! From design to print and distribution we can manage your whole 'mail out' contact us today!

We are pleased to be working across Cambridgeshire with Chris' Local Leaflet Distribution to achieve great results for our clients.

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