Creating Festive Seasonal Ad Campaigns For Your Business

It’s all about the wording you use and the offerings that you have. For example, if you sell gifts for women then use target keywords like “gifts for mum”, “Christmas Presents for The Wife” and so on. Then create specific landing pages on your website that talk solely about this targeted keyword.

Think about your shipping and delivery costs too. Could you set up a limit of how much people need to order before they get free postage? If a customer came on your website to buy one Christmas jumper, but found they would get free postage for buying 2 Christmas jumpers, this might be the nudge they need to spend more with you.

These benefits need to be clearly stated on the landing page. Make sure you include dates for delivery by Christmas or when the offer runs out too. This will give the buyer some urgency to order now.

When creating your festive seasonal ad campaigns for your business this Christmas there are a few things to remember. We have listed these below for you:

· Use seasonal words and terms in your Google Ad. Things like “Tis The Season”, “Let’s Get Festive” or “Christmas is Coming” for example.

· Highlight any special offers and seasonal deals that you are offering during the festive period in your seasonal ad campaigns.

· Instil a sense of urgency with your audience by offering a set amount off if they order by a set date. For example, “25% off on all orders placed by 15th November”.

· Make sure the keywords you choose are relevant. Take the time to do some Christmas keyword research to see what your target audience are searching for.

· Schedule the ads in advance. So, as business gets busier, the ad campaign is still running for more customers to place orders.

If you aren’t a B2B business or don’t sell Christmas products, you can still talk about Christmas at this time. Share photos of the Christmas tree in the office, talk about local festive events or the work Christmas party for example. Christmas is an exciting time for many people, join in with the fun and share your festive spirit with your audience too.

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