Are you S.M.A.R.T?

Making decisions in business can be tough, especially when you’re flying solo.

One of the easiest ways to get clarity and improve your focus is to set clear goals and remind yourself of them regularly.

Do you need to set new goals or revise existing ones?

Once you’re clear on your ultimate aim, ask yourself how you can get there, then put smaller S.M.A.R.T goals in place.

Start with a top-level view of the year ahead. Plot the key dates that are important to your business. Think about events, anniversaries, launches, seasons, and holidays. Our month calendars are a great tool to help you with this so make sure you take a look!

Next, dive deeper into the detail. What needs to happen each month, break it all down so it doesn't feel overwhelming. These broken down tasks will help make the overall goal more achievable too.

Think about your time each day and week, how much work is involved in each task, and how will you get it all done? Being realistic is so important. Hiring a Virtual Assistant might be a great way to delegate some tasks that you don't NEED to do.

  1. Set your goals

  2. Map out a plan to track when you are with them. Ideally weekly if not monthly.

  3. Figure out when and how it’ll all happen, delegate if needed.

  4. Be realistic, don't set yourself up to feel disappointed.

  5. Get organised

And remember…

You are NOT alone, reach out for help if you need it! Whether thats with a friend, a community group or us! We are right behind you!

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